In the Book of Exodus Chapter 35, the children of Israel cheerfully and willingly sacrificed and sowed into the building of the Tabernacle. Their sacrifices allowed for the building of the tabernacle to be accomplished and debt free.

As we move forward into our future, we are excited to know that every family member of BBC is willing to share our vision.

God allowed the Birmingham Bible Church, formerly known as The Church of the Way International to begin  worshipping in Dante Jelks Funeral Home November 19th, 2014. We worshiped, had bible study and blessed our community through many forms of outreach.

In 2016 our growth demanded that we relocate to C.W. Hayes Elementary School where we have been faithfully worshipping for the past two years. Being in the school has allowed us to grow and do more for our community.

We are also grateful for your support in sowing, praying, and believing God for the land located off of Airport Messer Road for the preparation of our future Kingdom Community.

We began casting vision concerning this land in 2015. Our desire is to raise $1.5 million dollars for land acquisition and debt free construction. We have already begun sowing into what we believe, a Kingdom Community. The Kingdom Community will help rebuild our community by not only providing a place of worship, but also providing employment, new businesses, a 24 hour day care, barbershop, community center, restaurant and other multiple uses.

Your sacrificial gifts will help BBC bring forth the vision “debt free”. We ask that every family seek God about what they can honestly sow over and above their normal tithes and offerings. Our family is committed to leading the way in sowing weekly.

You can begin sowing now too.


A special site on our website has been set up for the Our Land/Future funds. Members and partners of the ministry are already sowing. Will you join us?

Lastly I want to share with you how we can insure our future and continue to operate debt free.

  1. Every member being disciplined in honoring God with God’s Tithes and offerings
  2. Every member and partner of the ministry consider adding your church, Birmingham Bible Church to your living will.
  3. Every member going over and above their tithes and offerings and sacrificially giving to Our Land/our Future.
  4. Every member making giving a priority.

If we all commit to these four things, our future with God’s help, will be blessed! We love you and your family.

God Bless!

For HIM and our future,

Pastor and Lady Pam

Genesis 26:12 (AMP)……….. Then Isaac planted (seed) in that land and reaped in the same year a hundred times (as much as he had planted) and the Lord blessed and favored him.